Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken


The Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken (LSB) are an important part of the city’s cultural and educational landscape and provide centres for communication and information, reading promotion and education. They combine two lines of development in public library operations, connecting not only with the tradition of public libraries and the “Bücherhallen” founded by Walter Hofmann in Leipzig in 1914, but also with the city’s scientific library which was endowed in 1677.

Central standards and guidelines have been defined within the overall concept of library development and services. Up to now the city council has resolved different target agreements. These define the central tasks of the Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken as the procurement, provision and communication of the latest media and information. Accordingly the city’s libraries can support the lifelong learning process which enables people to participate effectively in our knowledge-based society, promote reading, and enable members to acquire skills in media use. They provide comprehensive advisory and information services for Leipzig’s residents and visitors as well as for the cultural, educational and social institutions operated by the city or independent organisations, as well as for the groups and initiatives engaged in cultural activities in the city’s districts.

With the City Library, 15 district libraries and a mobile library the Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken offer residents a comprehensive collection of media. The Music Library and the administrative library provide an extensive collection of special materials. Our special collections and historical archives round off the library experience.



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