Multnomah County Library


Thanks to the support of voters, Multnomah County Library is hard at work on a major transformation. New spaces will replace cramped buildings and help the library change and grow along with the community. The library will upgrade computers and technology in every location.

Community input is shaping the design for library spaces. Thanks to feedback from members of the community, many libraries will have new features, such as:

  • Art that represents diverse cultures.
  • Large play and learning spaces for children.
  • Teen rooms with space for technology, homework and creative expression.
  • New and expanded spaces for meeting and gathering.

Multnomah County Library provides a variety of physical and digital material to support the informational, educational, and recreational needs of our community. The collection reflects the diverse population of our county.

To create and maintain our collection, the library considers these factors:

  • demand
  • accuracy
  • objectivity
  • contemporary or historical significance
  • diversity of viewpoints
  • artistic excellence
  • suitability of format for library use

Multnomah County Library has 19 neighborhood locations, including Central Library in downtown Portland. Each collection is tailored to the size of the library, community interests and cultural makeup. We maintain collections in several languages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Freedom to access

Multnomah County Library adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom, which favor liberty of thought and an opposition to censorship. We support your right to access a wide variety of materials even if the content may be controversial, unorthodox or unacceptable to others.

Library users of all ages can access the entire collection. We encourage parents and guardians to help their children choose resources that keep with their values. Our staff can help find materials appropriate for each family.

Maintaining the collection

To provide a high-quality collection within limited space, we judiciously remove outdated and worn items. We replace materials that are still in demand. Some of our books and other documents have enduring value, particularly those with local historical significance. We will mend and preserve these whenever possible.



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