Stadtbibliothek Bremen


We actively secure and mediate access to the cultural heritage of humanity as well as the wide range of knowledge and up-to-date information. We are neutral in our offer, protect the privacy of our customers and respect the plurality of society.

We offer centralised and decentralised library services that are geared to both societal developments and the changing expectations of citizens.


As a place of lifelong learning, we promote reading and media literacy. With our offers, we support extracurricular and vocational education and training. We promote the playful acquisition of knowledge in the increasing convergence of culture, games and learning, everyday management and creative leisure activities as well as intra- and intercultural integration.

Our way of working

For us, quality and efficiency within the scope of our mission and the satisfaction of our customers are the guiding principles for our services. In doing so, we take into account both our financial leeway and the interests and concerns of our customers.

As a learning organization, we are innovative and find creative solutions for our tasks. We work with target agreements and organize ourselves into teams. Through continuous personnel development, we ensure the quality of our services.


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