Jamaica Library Service


The Jamaica Library Board is the central statutory body responsible for the island policy and the management and control of a coordinated library service. Similarly, the committee in each parish network provides oversight to the operations in each network.  The organization provides library coverage through an administrative headquarters in Kingston and a network of 111 public libraries, 334 mobile library stops and 898 school libraries throughout the thirteen (13) parishes which are divided into six regions that are aligned to the regional structure of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.

These are:

Region 1 – Kingston and St. Andrew
Region 2 – Portland, St. Thomas and St. Mary
Region 3 – Trelawny and St. Ann
Region 4 – St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland
Region 5 – St. Elizabeth and Manchester
Region 6 – St. Catherine and Clarendon

Service is administered to the public through the Public Library Network and to schools through the School Library Network.

The Public Library Network has the responsibility of meeting the information, education and recreation needs of the public. These needs are met by the undertaking of a variety of programmes, services and activities.


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