Mariborska knjižnica (Maribor Library)


The Maribor Public Library was established in 1949 as the City Library by the Culture Association. At the end of the 1960’s, a group of local librarians agreed on a development plan for a public libraries network in Maribor; several libraries were joined, and in 1970, the Maribor Public Library was formed.

Today The Maribor Public Library ensures democratic public services and almost unlimited possibilities which enable access to information, knowledge and culture in the widest sense – among such services are free library services, access for invalids, services for people with special needs, access to the Internet and electronic databases, information technology training programs and services for various target groups of users. Thus social, cultural, information and permanent education is enabled.

The Maribor Public Library consists of 20 library branches (the main library in the center of Maribor, libraries in various districts of Maribor, suburbs and in the countryside), and a Mobile Library (bibliobus) with 47 stops. One (same) membership card is valid in all of its branches.

Potential users of the Maribor Public Library are the inhabitants of 12 municipalities – about 182.000 people in total.


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