Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec


As an institution of memory and knowledge, BAnQ collects, processes, preserves and showcases Québec’s documentary heritage and a vast collection of documents in all fields of knowledge. It provides the services of a major public library to the entire population of Quebec.

BAnQ users include children, adults and seniors, as well as newcomers and people with vulnerabilities or disabilities. It is committed to stimulating the learning and integration of each of these people through discovery, exploration, entertainment, participation and lifelong experimentation.

BAnQ also plays an advisory role in information management with government departments and public bodies, in addition to providing specialized services and support to libraries, publishers, researchers and the academic community.

With all the passion and intelligence that characterize it, BAnQ aspires to make Québec a learning society, conducive to the cultural, social and economic development and fulfillment of all Quebecers.

This vision is supported by a vast digital transformation project that focuses on digitization, improving the user experience and exploiting data, in order to facilitate access to BAnQ’s offer and maximize the discoverability of its collections.


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