Denver Public Library



A strong community where everyone thrives.


Together, we create welcoming spaces where all are free to explore and connect.


  • WELCOMING We make our resources, services and expertise accessible for all, recognize the inherent dignity in each person, and provide safe places where everyone can be themselves.
  • CURIOSITY We foster a culture of exploration, innovation and forward thinking by creating environments that support learning and growth.
  • CONNECTION We are neighbors. We foster relationships, listen and act to build and strengthen our community. We bring people together to share information, ideas and experiences.
  • EQUITY We work to change inequitable practices, structures and policies, and attitudes that drive them, to provide opportunities for every person in our community to thrive. As we do so, we actively examine our roles in perpetuating oppressive systems.
  • STEWARDSHIP We are accountable to our community, using our resources responsibly. We lead with honesty and integrity, protect privacy and preserve and share the full history of our Denver community.


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