Wojewodzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie (Kraków Public Library)


Among the almost half a million collections available in 14 thematic lending and reading rooms, readers will find not only books and magazines, but also films and music on analog discs, CDs or DVDs, “spoken” and Braille books, documents of social life, sheet music, maps, board and computer games, as well as access to electronic databases that can be used both on site, as well as on-line. You can also rent e-book readers and access electronic publications.

The realization of one’s passions in the Library is possible thanks to professional software for creating, editing, processing music and graphics, graphics tablets, digital piano.

We provide our users with 600 workplaces and 88 computer workstations.

The library is not only books, annually we exhibit over 100 exhibitions, every day in the library spaces there are about 10 different workshops, meetings and trainings on a very wide range of topics.




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