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A few figures to illustrate visitor numbers, the documentary and cultural offer and to attempt to sum up the activity of a large library.

To find out more, you can consult our activity reports.

Visitor numbers

  • 1 319 326 visitors (total visitor numbers)
  • 1 275 722 visitors of which in reading spaces
  • and 43 604 participants in cultural actions and appreciation sessions outside reading spaces.

Surface area

Surface allocated to receiving visitors :10400  m2

Printed collections (monographs)

  • 390 416 volumes
  • 346 094 book titles
  • 400 video games, 271 of wich physical, 129 en dematerialised
  • 24 786 sound documents of wich 413 vinyl record.
  • 1733 physical periodical or journal titles supplemented by databases

Human resources

  • 230 full-time officers


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