2020 Longlist

The Gold Diggers


2020 Longlist

It’s 2008 and the height of Zimbabwe’s economic demise. A group of passengers are huddled in a Toyota Quantum about to embark on a treacherous expedition to the City of Gold.

Amongst them is Gugulethu, who is hoping to be reconciled with her mother; Dumisani, an ambitious young man who believes he will strike it rich; Chamunorwa and Chenai, twins running from their troubled past; and Portia and Nkosi, a mother and son desperate to be reunited with a husband and father they see once a year.

They have paid a high price for the dangerous passage to what they believe is a better life; an escape from the vicious vagaries of their present life in Bulawayo. In their minds, the streets of Johannesburg are paved with gold but they will have to dig deep to get close to any gold.

About the Author

Sue Nyathi was born and raised in Bulawayo and resides in Johannesburg. Her debut novel, The Polygamist, was published in 2012. An investment analyst by day and a storyteller to her son at night, she writes to escape the reality of financial markets and economic shop talk.

Librarian’s Comments

The Gold Diggers by Sue Nyathi will put your emotions through a wringer as it takes you on a journey that is almost unbearable. The characters come up against mishap after unfortunate mishap but there are glimmers of hope. This is a gut wrenching, beautifully written and compelling book, which you may find yourself wanting to finish in one sitting. An important read at a time when the refugee experience is such a hot topic globally. City of Cape Town Library and Information Services, South Africa





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