The National Library of Maldives


The National Library of Maldives, being the largest and the oldest library in the Maldives , is the center of library services and information promotion in the country. The National Library is the apex organization of library and information service system serving the entire nation. With the turning point of the new era, the National Library has become the landmark for students, researchers and general users as the main centre from where to obtain and collect knowledge and information. The library has played active roles in collecting reading materials, and promoting reading habit as well as the research work among Maldivians and non-Maldivians in the past twenty-two years.

The National Library functions under the Ministry of Information and Arts and is headed by the Library’s Assistant Executive Director. The National Library serves as the Public Library cum National Library of the country. As the Public Library, the library aims to provide information, recreation and supports research as well as equal opportunity for education and providing books for all. As the National Library, the library aims to acquire and preserve all publications concerning the country and maintain national literature.


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