Openbare Bibliotheek Brugge (Bruges Public Library)


The Bruges Public Library comprises the main library “De Biekorf (Beehives)” situated in the medieval heart of the city of Bruges, as well as a network of fourteen branches. Through this network, it reaches out to all segments of the population within a catchment area of 120,000 residents, including a prison and beach library, as well as home delivery services for individuals with limited mobility. The Bruges Public Library serves as a wellspring of inspiration and intellectual growth. It is a place where stories, culture, knowledge, and ideas are exchanged in various forms, encompassing written works, digital resources, and social interactions. Moreover, the Bruges Public Library holds the esteemed recognition as an “acknowledged heritage library” by the Flemish Government. Within its walls, a wealth of treasures awaits, including a remarkable collection of medieval manuscripts, incunabula, rare prints, and the literary archives of the renowned 19th-century Flemish poet Guido Gezelle. Thus, the Public Library of Bruges stands as a testament to both the contemporary and the past, bridging the gap between the ages.


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