Library of the Department of Greek Philology from the Democritus University of Thrace


The Departmental Library contains more than 33.000 volumes, (26.000 books and 7.000 periodicals), a number increasing every year. Because it covers all the subjects included in the Department’s Programme of Studies, its collection extends to many thematic units, the content of which is classified in the following categories:

– Reference Books
– Ancient Greek Philology
– Latin Philology
– Byzantine Philology
– Modern Greek Philology
– Ancient, Byzantine and Modern History
– Pedagogy
– Folklore Studies
– Linguistics
– Religion Studies
– Mythology
– Foreign Literature
– Prehistoric, Classical and Byzantine Archaeology
– History of Art
– Philosophy
– Psychology

The library has 121 titles of Greek language periodicals and 63 foreign language ones. It also houses two private book collections bequeathed to the Department by the late Professors Panagiotis Moullas and Nikolaos Livadaras. Access to these collections is available upon request and under supervision.

The library is open to the University teaching staff and students, as well as to the public. It provides a study area of 50 seats and 12 computers. It is also a lending library for University students and teaching staff, according to the regulations set up by and valid for the Central University Library.



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