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The EPM Library, inaugurated on June 2, 2005, is a clear expression of the social projection of this great Antioquia company, of its ability to contribute to the progress of the community from the support of culture, education, knowledge and the promotion of the efficient use of public home services. Designed in the form of a “pyramid of knowledge”, the EPM Library starts from the general on its first floors, towards the specific in its upper levels; Internally distributed in four levels and a semi-basement. Science, industry, environment and technology are the areas of specialty of the EPM Library, unique in the medium for being specialized and allowing free access to the general public, promoting the scientific, technological and business development of the city and the region. Of course, this specialization does not mean that the available material is not available to all audiences, because by its very pyramidal conception access to knowledge and sources of information ranges from the most elementary to the areas of greatest specialization. The EPM Library is a complement of great value for public libraries, not only for covering a lack, but also for the work it will develop in the processes of formation of research habits and for the collection and dissemination of specific knowledge made available to the entire community.




News March 25 2024

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2024 Longlist Revealed

Novels by four Irish authors are among the 70 books nominated by 80 libraries around the world!
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2024 Dublin Literary Award Judges Announced

Meet our judging panel for 2024 Dublin Literary Award
Video June 2 2023

Highlights from the 2023 Dublin Literary Award Ceremony

Katja Oskamp and translator Jo Heinrich win the prize for Marzahn, Mon Amour.


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