2015 Longlist

The Abyssinian Cache


Translated from the original German by the Author

2015 Longlist

It’s 1941 and the last days of war in Italian-occupied Ethiopia. A small Italian arms convoy is destroyed in an air attack and its sole survivor, Major Umberto Mancino, stumbles across a load of gold bullion hidden in one of the lorries. He seizes this once-in-a-lifetime windfall and hides the fortune in hopes of cashing in once war is over. Fates collide and he gets orders for a covert operation: hiding two beautiful Bugatti automobiles brought to Africa on Mussolini’s orders. Not allowed to fall into enemy British hands, the clock is ticking and absolutely no witnesses to the hideout will be tolerated. The task is achieved with the help of Captain Silvio Falone, but ends in bloody horror and the two officers in British prison camps. Some 30 years later, their hidden fortune beckons them back to Ethiopia. The ensuing recovery is daring and full of suspense.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Kurt J. Jaeger grew up in Switzerland as a Liechtenstein citizen and after High School decided for an apprenticeship in aircraft engineering. After completion he then got started as a bush pilot in Liberia. Working his way up he finally ended as an airline captain. In his native country he later became director of a large aircraft maintenance center. Having spent a large part of his life in Africa, his novels deal mainly with the newer history of Africa.

Librarian’s Comments

The novel is fascinating and its language stands out with a clear design supporting the comprehension of a concisely structured text.

J. Jaeger


Windsor Verlag


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