2020 Longlist

Begotten Not Made



2020 Longlist

Begotten Not Made is a fairy tale for the 21st century where the mystery of blind faith is explored and the magic of belief is restored.

Brother Scully met Sister Claire only once. It was back in 1970, the night Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest. Every single morning since their first and only encounter, with a flicker of a light bulb, Sister Claire has sent a coded message of love to Brother Scully.

This Christmas Eve morn, for the first time in almost fifty years, no light shines out from Sister Claire’s bedroom window. And so begins this tale of a very real, yet unrealised love..

About the Author

Cónal Creedon is a novelist, playwright and documentary film maker from Cork City. His published books include Pancho and Lefty Ride Out, Passion Play, Second City Trilogy and The Immortal Deed of Michael O’Leary. Creedon has written over 60 hours of original radio drama and produced, written and directed a number of film documentaries.

Librarian’s Comments

It might open like a Frank O’Connor story – Brother Scully loves Sister Claire, even though they only met once – but goes to places O’Connor never did. Not surreal, exactly, more a different reality. This novel brings us characters and situations we almost never encounter in fiction anymore, but is definitely not a throwback. Beautifully written, with very funny dialogue and the author’s own unique take on the world. No resume could do it justice – read it!


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