2015 Longlist

Wedding Speech


2015 Longlist

I finally find a piece of paper but I frown. No pen. Khaira who’s been watching me figures I’m in distress. She fishes out a pink stick from one of her pockets and offers it to me.
My left palm as surface, I use my daughter’s My Little Pony to scribble a few words on the paper. Now I really look like a gay wedding planner. Once done, I hand back the pen to Khaira and scan what I wrote. Six words. That will get me lynched.
Two days to go and those are all I can come up with. I must be an idiot. Inhaling deeply, I mentally psyche myself, I can do it. Do I have a choice? If I don’t deliver the wedding speech, my fiancée Kelly’s going to ice me. If I do, the guests will probably do it for her.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Khaliza Khalid speaks funnily. It’s because she’s been hanging out with cats since she was small, giving her pets names such as Jules Verne and Guggenheim Tenzing. Add to this, Khaliza hails from Johor Bahru where strange words such as gobok, momok and gebar are part of her vernacular. After years of living in exile from this country, she has settled down in Kuala Lumpur. Her biggest fantasy is to be a tai tai who owns a futuristic cat ranch one day.

Librarian’s Comments

Wedding Speech is about Yusrizan Yusuf, a wedding planner in a Catch 22 situation. Threatened with death by Kelly, his bride, Yusrizan sets out to deliver a wedding speech – one he thinks will incite their wedding guests to murder him.



Fixi Novo, Malaysia


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