bockThe Ash Garden by Dennis Bock

Nominated by: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada + Bergen Public Library, Bergen, Norway

Publishers of Nominated Editions: HarperFlamingo Canada + Bloomsbury


dangorBitter Fruit by Achmat Dangor

Nominated by: Cape Town City Libraries, Cape Town, South Africa

Publisher of Nominated Edition: Kwela Books


enquistThe Royal Physician’s Visit by Per Olov Enquist

Translated from the Swedish by Tiina Nunnelly

Nominated by: State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia + Regional Library of Karvina, Karvina-Mizerov, Czech Republic + Copenhagen Central Library, Copenhagen, Denmark + Helsingin Kaupunginkirjasto, Helsinki, Finland + Mariehamns Stadsbibliotek, Mariehamn, Finland + Stadtbuchereien Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany + Stadtbibliothek Hannover, Hannover, Germany + Leipziger Stadtische Bibliotheken, Leipzig, Germany + Stadtbibliothek Mainz, Mainz, Germany + Public Library of Westman Islands, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland + Solvberget KF – Stavanger Bibliotek og Kulturhus, Stavanger, Norway + Goteborg Stadsbibliotek, Gothenburg, Sweden + Stockholms Stadsbibliotek, Stockholm, Sweden + Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA

Publishers of Nominated Editions: Overlook Press + Harvill Press


franzenThe Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Nominated by: Zentral-und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Berlin, Germany + Stadtbucherei Frankfurt-am-Main, Frankfurt, Germany + Waterford County Library, Waterford, Ireland + Belfast Education and Library Board, Belfast, Northern Ireland + Bibliotecas Publicas Municipales de Madrid, Madrid, Spain + Stadt-und Universitatsbibliothek Bern, Bern, Switzerland + Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA + Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, USA + Miami-Dade Public Library System, Miami, USA + Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee, USA + Richmond Public Library, Richmond, USA + Lincoln Library, Springfield, USA + District of Columbia Public Library, Washington D.C., USA

Publisher of Nominated Editions: Farrer, Straus & Giroux + Fourth Estate


jorgeThe Painter of Birds by Lidia Jorge

Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa

Nominated by: Helsingin Kaupunginkirjasto, Helsinki, Finland + Tampere City Library, Tampere, Finland + Biblioteca Municipal Central de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

 Publishers of Nominated Editions: Harcourt + Harvill Press


mcgahernThat They May Face the Rising Sun by John McGahern

Nominated by: Cork City Library, Cork, Ireland + Dublin City Public Libraries, Dublin, Ireland

Publishers of Nominated Editions: Faber & Faber


pamukMy Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

Translated from the Turkish by Erdag Goknar

Nominated by: Universitats-und Landesbibliothek Bonn, Bonn, Germany + Bibliotheques Municipales, Geneva, Switzerland + Hartford Public Library, Hartford, USA

Publisher of Nominated Editions: A.A. Knopf + Faber & Faber


patchettBel Canto by Ann Patchett

Nominated by: Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs, USA + Miami-Dade Public Library System, Miami, USA + Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee, USA + San José Public Library, San José, USA + Tucson-Pima Public Library, Tucson, USA

Publisher of Nominated Edition: HarperCollins