1. These Rules and Conditions are the rules and conditions of the DUBLIN Literary Award for the year 2023 issued by Dublin City Council.
  2. The DUBLIN Literary Award in the amount €100,000 will be presented in the year 2023 for a novel of high literary merit written in the English language, or written in any other language and published in English translation. The Award will be awarded in full to the author of the winning novel where that novel is written and published in the English language. If the winning novel is written in a language other than English but published in English translation the Award shall be awarded as €75,000 thereof to the author and €25,000 thereof to the translator.
  3. In order to be eligible for consideration a novel must have been:
    a) first published in English between 1st July 2021 and 30th June 2022, both dates inclusive, or
    b) first published in a language other than English between 1st July 2012 and 30th June 2022and first published in English translation between 1st July 2021 and 30th June 2022, all dates inclusive.
    c) available in print as published and commercially distributed.

Books nominated and eligible in previous years are not eligible for this year.

  1. A preliminary selection process should be made by the Municipal Public Library System of cities worldwide, or library systems recognized for that purpose by Dublin City Council, when nominating novels. Such nominations must be made on the official form and validated by the Chief Librarian of the nominating library. The nominated title and imprint specified by the nominating librarian on the official nomination form shall be the only eligible title and imprint considered for the selection process and for review by the Judging Panel for the purposes of the Award. We do not accept nominations from authors, publishers or agents. Canvassing in any way will result in the book being ruled ineligible.
  2. Dublin City Council shall notify the relevant publishers of books which have been selected arising from the preliminary selection process and it shall then be the responsibility of the relevant publishers to deliver twelve copies of the print publication as published and commercially distributed – each nominated title should be sent to the Dublin Literary Award office to arrive there in good time, and no later than 30th September 2022.
  3. Dublin City Council does not accept responsibility for books which are lost, stolen, otherwise mislaid or not received at latest on 30th September 2022 nor shall any extension of time after 30th September 2022 be granted to facilitate the late entry for the Award of books so lost, stolen or otherwise mislaid.
  4. The delivery of a book in pursuance of rule 5 shall be construed as an entry of the book in question for the Award and the complete acceptance of the provisions of these Rules and Conditions by the publisher, the author, and, where appropriate, the translator of the nominated book.
  5. The delivery of a book pursuant to rule 5 shall be taken as confirmation by the Publisher in question that the consent of the author and where appropriate the translator has been obtained for the entry of the book for the Award.
  6. From the books validly entered and eligible for the Award as aforesaid, the Judges shall first choose a shortlist from which they shall ultimately choose one book as the winning book.
  7. The winning author, and translator if applicable, is required to attend the prize-giving ceremony in Dublin in May 2023. It is the responsibility of the publisher of the winning book to arrange for, and to bear all travel costs in respect of the presence at the prize-giving ceremony of the winner, and if applicable, the translator.
  8. The publisher of a shortlisted book is required to supply 60 copies of the book for publicity purposes. The publisher of the winning book is further required to supply an additional 300 copies of the book for publicity purposes at the time of the winner announcement. When the winning title was written in a language other than English, two copies of the title in the original language will be requested of the same or original publishers.
  9. All shortlisted authors, and translators if applicable, are required to make themselves available for PR, if requested, in the lead-up to the winner announcement. It should also be noted that the winning author, and translator, if applicable must make themselves available for publicity including media interviews via video call, phone and / or in person.
  10. The winning author, and translator if applicable, will be required to be available for a full PR schedule in connection with the winner announcement and when possible to participate in Award events, including a live or virtual interview which will be organised by our partners, International Literature Festival Dublin (ILFDublin), during their programme of events scheduled to run mid to late May 2023.
  11. Publishers, authors and translators are required to keep all information communicated to them by Dublin City Council or its agents in advance of the longlist, shortlist and winner announcements strictly confidential until they are officially announced by Dublin City Council on the day advertised.
  12. Canvassing in any manner either before or after the entry of any book for the Award will render the said book ineligible for the Award.
  13. A book shall not be rendered ineligible by reason of having been nominated or shortlisted for, or having won, any other award or prize.
  14. For the avoidance of doubt, a reprint of a book shall not be eligible unless the book was originally published within the period referred to in rule 3.
  15. Copies of nominated books when received shall become the property of Dublin City Council and shall not be returned to the relevant publishers or authors.
  16. Books or manuscripts, which have not been nominated or solicited, shall not be eligible for entry for the Award and shall not be returned to the persons who have provided them.
  17. A book shall not be eligible for entry for the Award if the author or translator thereof is any of the following:
    a) a member of the staff of Dublin City Council
    b) a member of the Judging Panel
    c) a parent, spouse or child of any of the foregoing
    d) a member of staff of the nominating library or its parent body
  18. The decision of Dublin City Council as to the eligibility of any book shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into in relation to eligibility.
  19. The decision of the Judges as to the winning books shall be final and conclusive and no correspondence shall be entered into concerning the judging process with publishers, authors, translators or any agents acting on behalf of the aforesaid persons.
  20. Dublin City Council may at any time and without notice alter the Rules and Conditions governing the Award or defer or discontinue it.